Make Valentine’s Day SpecialMen Deserve to Get Gifts, Too!Women are not the only ones who look forward to romantic evenings with someone they love. Men enjoy having a little romance in their lives, too. However, some men may be a little embarrassed to ask their girlfriend or wife to do something special for them on Valentine Day.

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Teams also wore black wristbands with Leonard’s initials on them. The first standing ovation came as Fennville players stoically walked onto the court for pregame warm ups, joined by Leonard’s younger brother, Mitchell. The crowd again came to its feet and clapped as more members of the Leonard family, including his parents, entered DeVos Fieldhouse and settled into seats high above the Fennville bench.

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As we drank beer and watched the dancers, I sampled a cup of the house potato soup ($4.25, or free with an entr It was as hearty as a stew: chunky, flavorful, and loaded with bits of aromatic vegetables and crumbled sausage. A platter of finger sized sausages made at the deli next door included fatty knockwurst and bratwurst, plus a rich and garlicky link of kielbasa ($8.95). The sausages were great smeared with mustard and sauerkraut, but the warm potato salad served with them was musty, as if it had been kept too long..

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Megan, 12, a rising seventh grader at New Market Middle School, participated in the first Sargent Art Contest, in which she took grand prize. Her colored pencil drawing depicts various art utensils and the Maryland state flag, which fit into the theme of the contest, which was a brighter world. Said she has been drawing [she] could hold a pencil.

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