Bullen, J. Dewald, D. Zhang, S. A defendant has been taken into custody on a complaint, she/he is entitled to a probable cause hearing in which an independent agency reviews the evidence to determine if there is probable cause that the defendant committed the crime, Mrozek said. Cause hearings are conducted in one of two ways a preliminary hearing before a judge, or a grand jury proceeding. In this case, we presented evidence to a grand jury, which made the probable cause finding and issued a bill the indictment, which was filed (Wednesday) afternoon.

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MGM via Wikimedia Commons 1939: American actor Douglas Fairbanks, best known for his swashbuckling roles in silent films such as “The Thief of Bagdad,” “Robin Hood” and “The Mark of Zorro,” dies at the age of 56 in Santa Monica, California, a day after having a heart attack in his sleep. Fairbanks was also a founding member of United Artists and The Motion Picture Academy, hosting the first Oscars ceremony in 1929. He’s seen here in his final movie, 1934’s “The Private Life of Don Juan.” [ + ].

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Dave Ryan/Day two of Calvin Walker’s fraud trial is under way in the federal courthouse Tuesday. Beaumont Independent School District’s director of purchasing, Naomi Lawrence Lee, heads for the security entrance after. More. He was charged June 9, along with Kurt Churchill of Portugal Cove St. Philip’s and Leroy Thomas of St. John’s..

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Kaepernick atypical rise to glory also resonates. Kaepernick played for a college not exactly known for producing NFL superstars (University of Nevada Reno), he was the 36th pick in the 2011 draft, and he threw a grand total of five passes in his rookie season. Until he took over as 49ers quarterback for Alex Smith this past November, fans probably didn know Colin Kaepernick from Colin Powell, to quote the Las Vegas Review Journal.